Neal B. Smith Jr.

by neal b. smith jr
(Houston tx)

I have been a driver for over 18 years. Was an owner operator, who got in financial trouble and took a chance and sold drugs. But I left trucking before I sold any drugs. I don't drink or use drugs. I was locked up for 6 months. I was never no parole or probation.

I had a mom in a coma and money was tight and I did a stupid thing. But i took that trouble and made it a positive for myself and others. i went to a drug treatment class for 4 months to learn about drugs. I started giving drug classes at the Salvation Army to the Homeless in Houston Texas.

I started talking to kids in schools about the dangers of drugs and peer pressure. i went to church and turned my life over to God. I live a clean life and now I can say that i am ready to be a driver.

i have phone Number of people who can tell you about the man I am today. So if you are looking for a good driver and a better man call Neal Smith 832-576-1698.i would love to show you the type of man and driver I am today.

Thanks for reading my story and God bless you. 832-576-1698. My email is thanks for giving me a chance.

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