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Nontraditional Marriage being married to a trucker is really hard work I think everyone will agree with me when I say that.

My husband and I have been married for 2 yrs (Aug 22)but we have known each other for 18yrs we met when he was in the navy. He wasn't an OTR driver when we got married, he was local.

Then the company that he worked for closed the same week we got married. Talk about timing.

So when he did start being an OTR driver I was pregnant with our lil miracle baby girl(now 8mos)and that was very rough but thru the grace of God we have made it thus far.

Yes some days are harder than others but we manage and when he's home it's as thou we just got married LOL but I love my trucker and wouldn't trade him in for the world. I'm so very glad that I found this website cuz only another trucker wife can understand what we go thru because you most definitely can't talk to some one that has a traditional marriage and expect them to totally understand some of the things we deal and put up with as a trucker's wife.

So it's just great I just wish I would have found you all sooner LOL

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Oct 07, 2011
welcome to the truckers wife life
by: hervy

Welcome, welcome

We wish you had made it sooner too but now you here.

It is a long journey indeed that never seems to end for you ladies, I am sure.

Please know that many are on it and many have found the route to travel which venture through happy town. I think you will find that route. Some ladies here haven't gotten on that path yet but you may learn from them too.

Other ladies here are there or enroute and share all they can to steer the rest on to the right path with lessons, tips, tricks, and good old fashion common sense.

So I think you will not get bored and just might get excited about who you meet and what you learn on and the truckers wives page here and on facebook.

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