Navajo Don

by Don
(Oneonta NY)

Have been a Trucking Fan since in my twenties.. now in my 70's still love the big rigs.. went to truck drivers school back in the 60's but other life changes prevented entry into what I had planned to do the rest of my life, drive the big rigs across the Country..

Hey Hervy, there should be an OTR Trucking Fans just as there is for Railroad Fans...get Tee shirts.. etc. Worked with Truck Brokers as agent for Navajo Freight Lines back in 60's...billing, permits etc...

Love your website Hervy.. keep up the good, positive work you do for helping drivers, and families and promoting this honorable profession formerly known as Knights of thee Open Road.

We communicated a while back but health took a nose dive. I'm good... Just happened to come across LifeTrucker when trying to help a friend get into the field.

A good man, owner Home Improvement business, but needs more job security.. downside is he's got a 4 yr dui on his head.. should be ok by Nov this year... anyhow Bud take care and to close,.... from a popular movie,.... "Be Careful, Mr. Hunter

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