My husband using poem and dating hook up sites!

by Sherri
(Alexandria, LA, USA)

Just married a year and find out my husband is watching p o r n and visiting chat rooms as well as hook up apps!

What am I to think?

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Sep 08, 2016
Are you looking for someone to advocate?
by: Anonymous

Why are you posting this here? Do you need someone to tell you what to do? you already know what you want to do and my guess is, nobody can stop you.

I would think most partners would NOT be cool with this... male or female.

You have kids? You worried about them not having a daddy in the picture?

My policy is this: If a partner can't be faithful, than there is no sense being married.

That's for the "hookups"

As far as porn.... a man looks at porn just to get off... it's kind of like something that just has to be done from time to time.

A woman doesn't use porn like men do.

I personally wouldnt worry about that part too much. He's gonna look at it even if he's not trying. EVERYTHING is porn-laden these days. Even my hotmail inbox has pictures off to the side that are meant to get my attention.

If he's trying to hook up with someone else, this is wrong in so many ways.

He could be bringing something home to you.

He might like the "no strings attached" B.S. .. but there actually ARE strings attached. She needs that income and she's gonna treat him like she thinks he wants to be treated... regardless of her reasoning.

You haven't vested much time in this, so why not just move on? Being with a trucker ain't no bed of roses.

I've seen both sides. My ex-wife needed more attention than I could give her, so she got it. She regrets it now, 20 years later, but hey... it's a little late.

I stuck around because we had two kids. And to be honest.....I didn't feel like playing around much when I came home... at least NOT without getting some much-needed rest first.

Our sex iife was great, when i was home. She also loved me... and still does.. (that one I never understood) ...but I guess you don't have to love someone and can STILL need extra attention?

You must be young. Youth is tough on people. So is age, but it's different. Youth has all the sex and attention and extra-curricular activity shit.

Age brings companionship, communication, trust... health.... a whole different ball game.

Good luck. Don't forget to talk about it before you jump ship.

Sep 07, 2016
Go with your gut
by: Anonymous

Hook-up sites are for hooking up....go with your gut. They are a bigger part of the trucking culture than people realize. I don't like porn either, but hook-up sites are worse. How do you know he is using hook-up sites?

I only ask because those sites are always full of advertisements for those kind of sites and sometimes they will accidentally click on them, so it will show that they have been to the site when they have actually only accidentally done so.

Sep 07, 2016
Rots of ruck
by: Sweetlilsheila1977

My man does the same. When it'd at that point you need to break up or make up. After 15 years no one is perfect he n I aren't I have a bf but hes trying to be faithful I come n go as I please which I know is not fair to him. Something to think about.

Sep 07, 2016
exactly what your thinking
by: Ice_Mystic

I would say usually where there's smoke there's fire...Talk to him about it, porn I can understand, he's on the road etc., but hook up sites, that's different. Good Luck

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