My Husband is Wants a Female Team Driver

by L.

My flatbed truck driving husband is a mentor. He asked if I was ok with him training a female. I said yes with obvious restrictions.

Relationship changes occurred perhaps due to the fact the female can't drive without him awake and often next to her...STILL after she should be fine. (As males were before.)

So, he was unable to talk to me as much as before with other students as IT MADE HER NERVOUS. She wakes him to ask questions.

Made sense.

My husband has medicine that is absolutely essential to his health that should be taken each and every day ( not 36 hours apart, for example... or so.)

He drove last night and isn't taking his meds today as she may need him. He plans to take them tonight. They put him in a deep sleep.

My real issue? So much more!
He just asked me how I thought about THIS female being his Team Partner!!

Other than financial reasons (less), we have the obvious health reasons. He needs his meds within that 24 hour time.

This student came on 2 day visit to our home. No real issues except she leaned over the arm of the sofa where he was sitting with our dog to pet it.

Her breasts were all but coming out of her shirt-- no bra. She also accidentally gave me information that let me know my husband was saying he was sleeping early but was staying up late.

Not So important..except the way he reacted.

I thought 5 weeks was pushing it with opposite sex in the truck-- BUT ALWAYS?

The company is NOT making him do this. I figure he wants to help her out as she is really learning a bit slow and the job is hard physically.

See? He is taking responsibility for HER... not her training.There is zero advantage for her to be his partner....for us.

I reminded him that he had ASKED me..and said he wouldn't have female student if I was against it.

For the health reasons, her inexperience reason (not equal team member) and the obvious-- familiarity breeds attraction.

I need solid information to share as he thinks I done make sense.

Just Me
September 2018

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Mar 19, 2019
You Make Perfect Sense
by: Hervy

Sorry I didnt see this one earlier. How did it work out.

Your perspective made all of the sense in the world.

Should take that much convincing anyway. If the spouse is uncomfortable it should mean something.

In any are things now?

Did he switch after she was able to go Solo?

Sep 28, 2018
No Misunderstanding
by: Again, just me, OP

I brought it up.I asked if it had been a misunderstanding.

He only said, "Nope, no misunderstanding."

I said I guess it's good we didn't have musunderstanding.
So. Ok. No further discussion.
We do love each other.

Sep 28, 2018
Maybe a Misunderstanding?
by: OP

This is OP.

When husband and I had the conversation about this, he texted while we were on bluetooth. Student could hear so that was more private.

I asked specifically if he meant PERMANENT team and he said YES.It has later occurred to me that MAYBE THAT was not heard or understood.

He has not brought it up since I texted him exactly ALL the whys I am against the permanent Team idea.

We spoke by phone and even fb video. I also didn't bring it up as some time and space seemed wise.

I am hoping it WAS a misunderstanding and he didn't hear ne say PERMANENT after training. You all know part of training IS teaming so student can get practice.

So there's an update. I wil check for replies and update post.

WmWhy may it be misunderstood? He is going to NOT do team driving with her for 5 days. They will be working shifts together. So.... mm. I am happy immediately as he needed sleep... and hoping THIS is what he intended! ! LOL
Thanks for any replies. It's quite possible he did hear me confirm PERMANENT so any reply is helpful.

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