My husband is a trucker and I really want a baby

by Christina
(Coral springs)

Lately that's all I've been thinking about, is having a baby. My husband just became a truck driver and he's going to do it for two years till I finish nursing school and able to work with my degree.

We've been married for about 6 months and we've been together for 3 years. Ever since I got married all I really want is a baby. I know we can't afford it because of me going to school and bills, and also because he won't ever be home except when he comes after being OTr for over 2 months.

How can I get rid of this feeling? It would be a bad idea to have a kid right now. But I can't help it.

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Dec 07, 2015
Baby NEW
by: Gabriel Gonzales

Trust God, it's not easy to raise a child period finances that don't match up now will always be in Flux. People will tell you to count the cost and plan for it life the purchase of a car. Kids cost more than any home vehicle or purchase you can make. They will bring you the most joy,happyness and fulfillment you can ever imagine. Now not to blow smoke of pink clouds up your posterior. They will also try you to your last nerve have you up late at night in tears both good and bad. But the pay off is that you get to experience life to the fullest. How do I know I have a few and have lost a few. But I wouldn't change a moment or experience I'm greatful for every laugh tear and memory I have of each one.
I have to commend you on your pursuit of a nursing degree. I am a Drive with a master's degree in clinical Psychology you and your husband are working a hard row OTR driving is not easy on anyone especially the wife home alone.
I myself am a newly wedd and I am driving as a temporary fix to finances my wife hates that I am gone and I am only gone for 5 to 10 days two mos. Out is way too long in my book hubby may want to look for a company that has him home more just a thought.

Dec 06, 2015
did it cross your mind... NEW
by: Anonymous

...that he might become addicted to the grind?

Once diesel gets in your blood, it's there to stay...

Dec 06, 2015
Write it out
by: Hervy

I would say write out the reasons that you should wait. But I would also say write out the entire plan up to the time in which you deem it to be a green light.

In other words, you two should make sure to have a cleary defined goal about it.

What does it look like for the green light? How much in the bank? What bills paid or existing?

Will he be on the road? If not, what are the specific plans and steps needed in order for him to get off the road.

What are your plans for school and job situation?

I am not talking general ideas. I am talking about being sure and if needed doing research on what goals you need to set and what steps you need to be taking to get there.

If you do all of that, I think you will be so confident in how much better and ideal of a situation you will be in if you wait the the current desire will fade away because there will be a clear vision for what is ahead.

If you move too quickly it could alter all of your current goals for ever. He might never be positioned to get off of the road. You might never finish school and then you end up resenting that you had a child and that will come across in the way you parent.

Unless you can figure out a specific plan for having your baby now and going forward with the current goals. Remember we are not talking about wishful thinking and being led by emotions. We are talking about the reality and/or realistic likelyhood of both scenarios or routes taken.

Its an important decision that you will have to make. Look at the entire big picture together and commit to the route you take together and don't look back.

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