My Husband has changed drastically since OTR trucking.

I'm a full time mom raising 3 kids on my own because my husband has been trucking OTR full time.

This has been going on since he decided to start a new job career without my approval, around February of this year.

He went 2weeks on training and all was good, then started delivering loads alone afterwards. The first two weeks he was on the road he called,texted, or messengered me everyday.

Up until after the 3rd week of March he went to salt lake for a load pick up and was ignoring my calls, answering them and then hanging up purposely, or cussing at me whenever he answered to tell me he's driving, busy, I'll call you back, or can't talk right now.

He started forgetting about the children. He still doesn't call to ask how they are are doing and shows no interest. He hardly sends money, I have to ask and practically beg him for it.

He's become selfish in ways I can't explain. He has been dressing different and buying all kinds of clothes and random items for himself.

He has another email I recently discovered on his new cell phone that I can't recover. He brags about where he's at and constantly sends me selfies and pics through messenger and posts it on Facebook.

He refused to talk over the phone when I call him but he has no problem texting. I need some advice.

He acts more shady when he's on his 34hour reset layover and he's parked. Any clue what he's up to?

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