My husband graduates school on Saturday and I have some ?'s

Hi we live in Philly and P.A.M. payed for his schooling. He just told me he needs to go to AK. for his training, how long is this?

When he is finally on his own Will he have to report to them after he has his few days off?

Is there somewhere closer to us where he can get his rig after he is done his training?

I hope I was clear with my questions?

I look forward to hearing from you and as us Irish say SAFE HOME!!

Response: New drivers are pretty much at the mercy of these companies when they first start.

There is a terminal in Jackson Ohio. Will they send him there? Who knows. Sometimes entering training is a logistics issue. If he goes home, it may take him longer than expected to get with a trainer or get in a truck.

(Or so some companies will say)

So really, it's just a wait and see type of deal. However, don't get too upset about it. This is just a sketchy period.

Things will change up a lot after he finishes training and get's his own truck.

For better or worse? well that's another wait and see, lol.

I hear many drivers like it over at PAM. I think it has a lot to do with where you live. I think you guys will be OK living in Philly.

He needs to go ahead and decide on saving as much as possible. The pay won't be great the first year. It will get better the following one if he keeps his record in good standing.

Take care

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