Mt. Pleasant, Florida, Marty McPherson out of trucking for 5 yrs how to I re enter

by Marty Mac
(Mt. Pleasant, Florida)

I am 46 years old and have been driving all types of trucks, o.t.r. and local and also operating heavy equipment since the age of 18.

Started out driving o.t.r. running team, and solo. This included running mountains, snow , and ice in the upper north west and east coast, commonly having to chain up.

I am currently employed with a large nation-wide equipment rental company operating a drop deck lowboy with retractable dovetail, and also pull a 3 axle r.g.n. 50% of our deliveries are in town in very tight areas with heavy traffic, the other half are within 5 hours of our headquarters.

Oversize and overweight loads are regular along with multiple small pieces that have to be arranged to fit trailer.

I regularly load, unload, and secure up to 15 pieces of equipment a day, 5 days a week. I have no tickets, no accidents, and run logbooks daily.

The qualities that make me stand in my profession are;
1. I love what I do.
2. I can fluently operate most types of heavy equipment, not needing an operator to load or unload in highly precarious situations.
3. I am always early on my deliveries.
4. I take pride in my equipment, and like it to operate and look professionally immaculate.
5. I keep a neat and clean appearance, and am not overweight.
6. I have pulled tankers, reefers, and flatbeds, so I am familiar with all aspects of trucking.

My problem is that I have been out of the over the road scene for over 5 years and most of the adds I see require recent over the road experience.

Looking for someone that could give me some advice on my position. Thank You. My e mail address is,

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Oct 07, 2011
getting back into trucking
by: hervy

Yeah, it's tough Marty,

Most of the companies are going to want that recent experience on the road. You may need to take a refresher course to satisfy their requirements.

Beyond that here is a page I built to try and ease the pain of exactly what your talking about by letting O/O post here if they are willing to take on experienced drivers without recent experience and letting guys like you post your contact info starting with the city in case an O/O comes through seeking you out.

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