mrs.wannadivorce - Disgruntled Truckers Wife Because of Unfaithful Husband

by wifeofadeadhorse

My Husband who I trusted, carried on an affair for months without my knowing. Has cells (of friends) all over the country. My father was also a truck driver and a real piece of work.

My mother suffered.

I have been around this type of men all my life and I can't stand them. They are hard working low lives who choose that lifestyle!

My advice to women is get away while you can. Being the one left behind sucks. I have now surrounded myself with men who want to be around me and help me and my children out. My owner operator husband has no benefits. My children are 5 and 10 have not seen a doctor in five years.

I am their mother and father so what do I need him for? BTW The pay sucks. He will always need something for his truck so what ever he gives you will be taken back a day or two later. Your bills will always be late and he will leave you at the mercy of the harassing bill collectors.

You will be alone for every event. He will miss B-days, your anniversary and all family events. When he does come home it feels like sleeping with a dirty used up stranger. Your skin will crawl! Ladies spare yourself the misery and find your self a poor man who will be there cause it is way better that wasting your time with a poor man who will never be there.


Funny how this site fails to mention the lot lizards or the "secret life of truckers". He should show you what the cb is like in the middle of the night! The truth is out there.

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May 31, 2011
Sorry you are having issues
by: Jason

Sounds to me you are having trouble with the man, not the profession. Not every truck driver is out here with the lot lizards.

My wife came out with me one time and saw a lot lizard, it actually relieved her of her worries. 99% of the lot lizards that are out here are the most wretched woman and I would not even consider having sex with one of them for free, much less paying for it.

The problems in your marriage are strictly related to the type of man your husband is. Men of every profession have been unfaithful to their wives, and women of every profession have been unfaithful to their husbands. It is in the character of the person that determines that persons behaviors and life choices.

Yes, the job makes it very difficult for two people to maintain a relationship. It takes a strong woman and a strong man to make a relationship of this type work.

Maturity, trust and communication are absolute necessities in ANY successful relationship, but more-so in this type. I wish you the best of luck in finding a man that will respect you.

Apr 16, 2011
i agree with everything you,ve said.
by: Anonymous

my husband missed our sons very 1st birthday. my nieces 2nd birthday. our 2 year marriage anniversary. im in the military and have no help whatsoever from him.

stuck with everything. and yeah they do NOT make enough money. 300 a week is far from enough to pay bills. going to be probably moving back home because the loser cant even freaking pay the bills. so this job is pointless.

and i know the lot lizards are whores but let me tell you if you put your man in a confined space for hours on hours and he has no way of releasing his "stress" or whatever and a girl comes up ready and willing what the hell do you think is going to happen?? duh!

He's a man and as we all know men don't think with there brain. or heart. but with there penis. so you might as well expect cheating. it happens over and over again. all the time. my husband's done it twice.

i've found condoms in his trash can he keeps in his truck and i've never road with him. soooo what do you think those are from??? yea. truckers SUCK. and i would NOT ever marry one. im divorcing soon.

and as for the ppl saying wifes back home cheat that is such bs. when do you people think wifes have time to cheat??? between dinner taking care of the kids cleaning the house running errands paying bills fixing everything that goes wrong wit the house mowing the lawn and taking care of the animals and of coarse visiting family bc they just HAVE to see the kids.

when do you people think wifes have time to go have some crazy affair?? i know i sure don't! but let me tell you i know that truckers have 10 hour breaks of doing absolutley NOTHING. what do you think your man does during 10 hours of sitting at a truck stop?? wit lot lizzards taunting them? duh. it answers itself.

plus the weekend 36 hour resets he isn't always home and what do you think hes doing for that day n a half?? yea. so you take it how you want to but this is a shit career and FAR from worth it.

your man WILL cheat whether you trust him or not temptation is there and eventually he will give in. especially if you are bitching at him or fighting with him all the time he is gonna want comfort from someone and those lot lizards are always there to help.

so there ya go. take it or leave it but its the truth!!!

Apr 02, 2009
The Advice You Give Is Misplaced
by: Hervy

Mrs. Wannadivorce,

It is very sad that you have gone through these ugly changes because of your husband. Having said that you need to understand your problem is not because your man is a truck driver, your problem is that your truck driver is not a man.

The pay, bills, insurance, etc all that is directly related to him not being a man. Not planning and not preparing. It has nothing to do with him being a trucker.

The missing events and birthdays part is definitely some of the disadvantages of being a truck drivers which should be taken into consideration in the beginning of a relationship with a trucker. If that something undesired you are right warning of that.

This site does mention lot lizards in several places. I plan to do an entire page to clarify the impression that people like to give as if lot lizards are on standby at every stop a trucker makes. Also the false perception that every trucker patronizes lot lizards. Both of these are far from true.

I don't know what the secret of truckers are but you are free to tell us.

I think you posted as a way to vent your anger. It is very understandable why you would be upset and emotional. However after reading the more detailed response to our posting, at the link below, I hope that you will think through what you said and realize how you should change the advice that you give to women. Your problems didn't start with your man being a trucker. Your problems came from your trucker not being a man.
Many truckers maintain happy and successful marriages. It is not easy and not for everyone but its done every day. Oh, and they make plenty of money.

My full response to you and about relationships

I am happy that you have surrounded yourself with positive caring men now. Let them teach you the signs of a real man. Maybe ask them if they will talk to your man.

Also you and your husband might want to get counseling. I assume you already sat him down and had a serious talk about how he is ruining the marriage if not, that might be step #1. Don't assume that he gets it and don't care.

He may care but not get it. (Which don't make it right but if you want it to work if things change that might be what is needed to began change.)

In any case good luck! Hope things work out for you. Please read my full response.

My full response to you and about relationships

Apr 01, 2009
An un-happy wife speaks.
by: Jimmy

I can certainly relate to your post. Sadly, most O/O's are married to their trucks. They (O/O's) woo them, court them, buy them, keep them, sleep with them, feed them, dress them, need I say more? And they (the truck) don't even talk back.

In your post, you could delete the word "truck O/O" and replace it with plumber, policeman, construction worker, landscaper etc. What you really mean to say is you are married to a scoundrel who happens to be a trucker, right?

It does work both ways too. While hubby is out trucking, a wife could be home entertaining the plumber etc.

I have posted on here about lot lizards. In case you missed it, they are out there, but they do not force any one to "visit" with them. C/B radios have an on/off switch and I will say that if your hubby wasn't driving, he would still be galavanting, the difference being he would be home nightly. Sorry, don't mean to be crass, but sometimes life just isn't all that peachy. Best of luck to you. Jimmy

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