Michael L Robinson Class B experience in Colorado. Graduated trucking school for Class A, Looking to drive.

by Mike Robinson
(Colorado Springs CO)

My name is Mike Robinson I graduated USTDS in Midway CO on 1/25/2010 with A 94 average and am having a hell of a time finding a job I have some experience with driving class B trucks on dairy farms but no class A experience other than what I received in school.

I am eager to get my trucking career off the ground I have tried all the larger trucking companies without any success I am willing to work ANY trucking job were I can get experience OTR,oilfield ,local in Colorado Springs ,trash companies ,dirt gravel and asphalt companies, livestock whatever.

My ideal situation would be to find a team driver who for some reason lost his or her partner and would be willing to mentor me I can be reached at 719-291-0639 or michaellrobinson66@yahoo.com

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