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If you want to meet me out here on the big road all you have to do is sign up and send me an email.

Tell me if you have a talent to showcase or if you want to video record your story or even if you want to record some footage that would be useful to any drivers old or new or useful to anyone wishing to become a driver.

I will be doing more interviews with drivers for CD and DVD projects. Most of these projects will simply be life as a trucker. Your journey as a trucker, including why/how you started, why you continue and the lessons you have learned from trucking, lessons that you learned about life, tips for people becoming a trucker and tips for truckers to be successful.

Another project is called, riding the recession. This is more personal, it's about more than trucking but how the recession has affected you and your family and what you have done to make it, what changes did it cause and how has it impacted you even after the changes.

If you would like to be on either just let me know briefly what you would like to contribute, we will record and some interviews will make it on the dvd and some will make it on the website/youtube, etc we help you get your story or video out there. Leave your contact information.

Oh yeah, some of you guys have been know to make up (invent) things, tools, etc to use to make your job easier. Now is your chance to get it shown. If you got a hot idea or product that you want to get the word out about let me know. I will post it for you right on the site. So maybe you need to meet me to shoot footage of that.

The possibilities are only a conversation away. One of my main focuses here is to help us help each other keep our heads above water.


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