by rustynail

0-mcentire is another great company 2 work 4 if you like salary. I was paid 600.00 a week. i drove slip seat old worn out freightliners/volvo.

drive south east unload 28000lbs. of produce with a pallet jack,no extra pay. no heat/ac,no deadhead pay. you never get laid over because you have 2 drive back to s.c.loaded or not. So you leave out at 9 :oo p.m. go 2 n.c.,or va. or fl. you will unload truck and drive back. Only time i got 2 sleep was in fl. so i usually would run 2 n.c. and back. I would get back at 2:00 if i didn't have to go to va. Its easy to work18-22hrs a day with no sleep. I would do this 18 days straight w/1day off.

I figured it up on the calculator all the hrs. i was working i was making 6.50 an hr. So guys remember it's not just the big companies that are bad you got 2 watch the small companies too.

Produce companies are generally the worst 2 drive for. I've been playing this game since 1987 and I've seen the good and the bad. If you do it 4 the money and don't love it, Look 4 a different line of work.

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