by Mary

Hello my name is Mary and I have been married to my trucker for about a year. When we met it was online, he wasn't even on the favorites I was looking at, he just showed up one morning and sent me an instant message.

When I saw that he was a trucker I got real nervous! You see, my uncle was a trucker and I saw what it did to my aunt, she was so lonely and turned to alcohol to cope and I swore I would never date a trucker.

I always said that I needed my man around 24/7 and stood firm on that. Boy did he change everything! He was so special! Not like anyone I had ever known! We had talked for a week before we met in person and then I took a chance and went on the road with him for a week.

It was the most amazing experience! I have a new respect for truckers after getting to get a taste of what they go through every day!

When I met him he had been OTR 2 years. After he changed his address to mine, he found a regional job where he was home every weekend and sometimes during the week.

I have the greatest respect for OTR wives, but I must admit I appreciate my regional husband! I have learned to adapt and treasure my time to myself but also spending the week getting ready for him to come home!

I'm not saying it is easy being married to a trucker but it makes you find an inner strength that you didn't know you had, and you appreciate all the little things.

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