by JillHarper
(Cookeville, TN)

Hi :) im Jill, 33yrs old.. live in middle TN. I met my husband two yrs ago & we were married 4/9/12.

He was already a trucker when i met him so this way of life is all ive known with him & im really lucky because he is home every week (sat evening to Mon afternoon) I miss him terribly while hes working but have so much respect & appreciation for what he does.

I have 2 kids (daughter 5 & son 14. He has 2daughters 8 & 10. All 4 live with us (other parents not involved) so with the hubby gone i often feel like a single parent of 4.

My life is a balancing act due to this but, his job provides me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom...something i am thankful for & my kids enjoy.

Even with him being home every week it still does get lonely some. The thing i hate the worst is attending all the kids functions for school sports etc alone.

We talk often during the day when possible & that's a big help. At first i would get annoyed when he was too busy to talk. (hes a trainer so when hes not driving hes teaching his student & he unloads his trailers himself) finally i made myself realize..hey if he was at a regular job i wouldn't be able to talk to him all day...that thought made me appreciate our calls more.

Handling the home & kids on my own...dealing with him being man being a trucker has on the positive side made me a much stronger woman than i ever dreamed possible!

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