Love My trucker

by Jodi

My trucker and I have been dating for 4 years now and as our wedding day grows closer (May 30, 2015) I find myself more and more in-love with him.

Has any of you ever left little surprises for him to find while he is on the road? I left a note, but want to leave more.. Any ideas??

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Apr 12, 2015
by: Stacey

That's pretty cold blooded. Even if you don't love this man anymore to disrespect him on a public forum is downright sad. It doesn't seem like you tried to communicate with him about what was wrong in your marriage....As for the young lady above good luck with your wedding and keep being supportive of your mate!

Mar 28, 2015
Good for you NEW
by: Anonymous

Oh please don't have me gag! You will find out after you are married for a while, that trucking will change him! You are looking at him thru rose colored glasses right now! Mine has been trucking for 3 years & guess what I do when he comes home, I do not sit on the couch next to him, while he is watching tv, I go sit at the dining room table & get on my laptop or I go out with my friends & me & the girls go to the movies, or go to see the Chippendales & I do not sleep with him. I dread when he comes home for hometime but he just doesn't get it that I do not want to be with him & even my friends say oh God u with that scant chaser because that is what my friends call truck drivers that are over-the-road, so all I can say to you is good luck, congratulations, but like I said you are looking at him thru rose colored glasses & oh by the way, one of my friends is a paralegal & is consulting her boss so I can meet with him to start proceeding with divorce papers & I am hoping to have them the next time he comes home when he comes home to a barren place & I present him with divorce papers in an empty shell of an apartment!!

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