Love my husband but his mood swings are ruining our relationship.

I have been with my husband for over 10 years. All of this time he had been and OTR driver and I'm used to that.

My problem is when he comes home me and our kids feel like we have to walk on eggshells. He is down right rude to our 5 year old son.

It's got to the point where I think he is just a bully to our kids just to show that he's the dad. I don't get it. I am usually ready for him to leave by the end of the second day because he's so moody.

He spanked our son the other night because our son interrupted a conversation I was having with a family friend and my husband thought our son was being rude.

The funny thing is is that my friend had done more for me and the kids while he's gone and our son thinks of my friend as a second mom. She's used to my son being a part of conversations.

My husband just made a huge ass of himself and it embarrassed me. What should I do?

I love him and when he's in a good mood he's a great dad but these mood swings are ruining his relationship with his kids.

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