Looking Into The Trucking Industry

by Frank
(Phoenix, AZ)

Howdy to the 'Crazy Trucker' and to all the truckers out there who've helped out around this great site! I've been visiting this site for some time now looking into becoming a newbie trucker. I might go into specifics about myself later, but I've got a few questions for y'all that I've been trying to find answers to. Hope y'all out there can help out a guy like myself seriously looking into the trucking industry:

First off, I've been working full-time for the last 6 years as a delivery driver (Delivery Expert) for a major pizza delivery chain. I know it's not driving a truck, but it might be considered driving experience. Also I have excellent driving skills and a clean MVR. Would all that give me a slight advantage?

I've been looking into a few of the options to start my CBL training. Here in the Phoenix metro area there's a few community colleges that offer CBL training, which would be the cheap route. There's also a number of web sites that offer you your training cheap. I've also briefly looked into a school here in the valley called AIT which claims to be a highly accredited and certified trucking school, which is the more expensive route. Any thoughts on any of these or does anyone know or have any experience on the way to start here in Phoenix?

Another big question about me becoming a driver is about my wife of 12 years. We have no kids (yet) however my main concern with becoming a trucker would be about leaving her at home. She has some medical issues, including epilepsy, which makes it necessary for her to come with me on interstate cross-country trips that last for more than just a few days at a time. I don't know if I'd be able to handle being away from her or leaving her alone for weeks at a time for her health's sake. Do most companies allow wives and/or relatives, at least on the extended trips? This would be a necessity for me.

Far as health issues, how does health insurance plans and policies for both the individual and their families fair as far as the trucking industry? Both of us have a few issues. Mine are minor and won't prevent me from passing a physical. It doesn't interfere with my daily life, and the few times it might I have either my prescriptions or over the counter meds. But it's a necessity that my wife gets her meds. I'm sure we can arrange to pick 'em up when we're home for brief periods of time and arrange her doctor appointments around that. But I'm mainly concerned about how good the health insurance plans can be for her sake.

I might have more questions later for y'all. Thanx for a great website!

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Aug 01, 2009
Do research about trucking before going over the road
by: Jennifer S

The only true way to get the information that you need is research, and choosing the right company. You are going to find it a struggle to begin with, no matter what company you choose.

Something I would caution you on is this. If your wife goes into a seizure while you are behind a 80,000 lb vehicle, how are you going to deal with this? This could be a danger to you, and your wife.

I cannot help but to wonder if you should do a bit more consideration in this area.

A LOT of companies allow passengers, but it requires a certain amount of time in the truck before they allow passengers- anywhere from 30-90 days, this is AFTER you get your own truck.

So research is what you need to do. you are looking at anywhere from 2-6 months before getting her in the truck

Wish you the best.


Jul 23, 2009
Trucking Jobs Insurance and other trucking issues
by: Jimmy

Sorry Frank, a delivery driver in a car doesn't help you much, but a clean DMV record does.

Insurance in this biz isn't much to brag about. If it's offered, it will cost you. You could get lucky and find a company that pays the brunt of the premium, but, just about any employer in any business nowadays is charging the employee for their insurance.

Yes, some companies let the spouse ride along, but remember, you will have to go with a trainer for a period of time, and your wife can't tag along.

You must really think this through before you commit, because being in a truck far from home with potential medical issues arising can be a problem. There are places in Texas where you could be a 100 miles from a decent size town.

Community college is the way to go for schooling. Jimmy

Jul 23, 2009
Oh My God, Medical Issues are not a good idea for a truckingjob
by: Anonymous

Frank, your post raises alot of concern, medical issues on the road , not a real good idea, but I don't know everything, get more advice please.

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