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I am a 21 yr old female. I got my cdl when I was 18 and quickly found out how hard it was to find a job at that age.Everyone I talked to told me they could not insure me because I was under 21.
Long story short, I havnt had any recordable driving experience since I left the driving school. Its been 3 yrs now, do you think this will make it too difficult to find a driving job?

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Jan 20, 2009
Finding a job at 21
by: Jimmy

Well, one thing for sure, you already have your license. You don't have to start from scratch. Were you aware you cannot drive interstate until you are 21? Intrastate,yes, interstate, no. The under 21 insurance thing is correct. In fact, depending on the company, many can't hire under 23 or even 25. It depends on the companies insurance carrier.

You didn't mention weather you want local or O.T.R. If local, just hit the bricks and see what happens. If over the road, start calling companies. I'm hearing quite a bit a lot of companies aren't hiring right now. (Jan,09)

You will have to train and go thru orientation just as if you were brand new. But somewhere out there is a company that will hire you. Good luck. Jimmy

Jan 20, 2009
Finding a truck driving job with no experience
by: Hervy

Finding a truck driving job with no experience will probably be harder now than ever, if your driving record is good, someone may give you a shot. If you have not driven at all the whole time though most companies may require you to go back to school.

Being a female, I will tell you that US Express is one company that recruits women pretty heavily but I just called them and they said they weren't even hiring new drivers right now.

You may have to find a small local company that needs a driver to give you a shot with no experience. You have to watch companies like that though, some are not very professional.

The trucking school you went to may offer a refresher course for free or a small fee.

Looks like you will have to make some phone calls to find out for sure.

Hope this helps,

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