Looking for an opportunity to become a truck driver Florissant, Mo.

by Jacqueline

I would like to obtain a CDL and start a new career; however I am facing certain obstacles.

No. 1
I worked as a home caregiver for the last six years and was paid cash, so people are telling me that I don't have verifiable work history.

No. 2
I have a misdemeanor that is only about 3 years old.

On the plus side I have a spotless driving record and I am single with no children so I would be available whenever needed. I don't have to come home on weekends.

I was told that some owner operators would be less strict and more interested in a hard worker to whom they would be willing to give a chance.

I would love to be contacted, or to contact someone like this.
You were told right, there may be some owner operators who will not be as strict as some trucking companies will.

However, the misdemeanor alone is not that bad. If you have tax returns for the cash work, it will prove that you worked.

Either way there may be some companies that will give you a shot.

Keep your head up an keep looking.
Florissant Mo truck driving jobs no experience

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