Lonely and confused truckers wife

My man has been driving for 3 months now. In the beginning he called. Texted. Came home every other day .... now he doesn't call me as much. Text as much. Or come home except Saturday's. I found a box of condoms in his truck that was being repaired.

He blamed everyone but himself and his trucking buddies told me he loves strip clubs and is a frequent flyer in them. . He denies it all.

I'm alone. 3 kids. And miserable with no friends or any family here to talk to. This has broke us apart now and he is going to move out. He finally owned up to the condoms yesterday and said he wanted me to hurt.

Why would someone who is supposed to love you do that to you??! Advise and help understanding would be appreciated 😞

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Nov 04, 2017
I'm going through the same thing NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband of 7 yrs is doing the same thing he used to call and text all the time and then recently he stopped I called him on his 34 hr reset and he told me I bother him. He is with a female trainer and they don't quite respect each other she buys him food pays for his showers goes everywhere with him and when we do talk witch is rare she interrupts the phone calls.. Im lost here as well and having a hard time understanding why he is doing this when I been there for him trough the worse even hunger together.. I do think that he doesn't stop his behavior I'm going to get a divorce I have no family or friends where I live and no one to talk to so it's hard I totally feel what you are going through and just wanted to show support we are on the same boat Hun..

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