Lola, WI

My boyfriend of almost 2 years has recently become a truck driver, a dream he has had since he was little.

Needless to say I have definitely underestimated how hard the distance would be on our relationship.

We are very supportive of each other and I would never ask him to give up his dream. However, lately I have been feeling like the communication isn't happening as often as it used to and I have been having a hard time dealing with the distance because I miss having him around since we both live together.

Since this whole situation is new to me, I would appreciate any advice one how to make a long distance relationship work well and how to communicate with each other better.

It's hard talking about the heavy situations over the phone especially when I like to keep things on the positive side because I know he's stressed out over the road.

Also, any advice in general would be much appreciated. I love my boyfriend very much and I want to learn how to bring us closer together while still having distance between us.
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Aug 25, 2012
Communication NEW
by: Helonwheels

Communication is the bond that helps to keep a relationship going. If he is having a bad day you hear him out right? Well, when you feel you need to be heard and your having a bad day it may take a little bit of creativity.

From your post you are only saying that you don't want to stress him out and only keep things positive. So I am sensing that you do not bring up things "you think" might stress him out... but really you cant know if they stress him out or not... with out hearing it from him.

So maybe the next time he is at home, ask him to make sure... find out if it does stress him out... if you were to bring up stressful events that take place in your life when he is not there.

We cant be mind readers just because we live with someone. You might be surprised when he tells you that it is not reality for things to always be positive. Hopefully this will relieve you and you too can vent.

Maybe after all is said and done you two can come to an agreement that when it is time to vent or explain a stressful event...while he is on the road... that it can wait until it is time for him to pull over for a break.

Well this is what works for me and my trucker.

Maybe this doesn't work for everyone and I am only speaking from my own this is just a suggestion...I hope it will help you to come up with whatever works for you! :)

God Bless and Good luck!

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