Livingston,Texas experienced driver looking for driving job

by Scott Wright
(Livingston,Tx USA)

I got sidelined because of a major neck surgery for cancer Voicebox the works I had a procedure that allows to talk again and don't sound to terribly different.

I had been with a contractor out of Houston for the past 10 years at Fed-Ex Ground and before that I ran OTR pulling dry vans and pneumatic tanks. I have driven some of the top of the line trucks so nothing is gonna be to much for me. Not bragging just a fact. I have no tickets and no accidents safety awards every year.I have a valid medical card and just recently scanned clean. No cancer go back in 1 year Disability folks are busting my balls for making too much when I returned for 1 year and I am gonna face repaying some and that's why I need to work under the table for cash. I will do it at a discount Just need to make some part time money to help out my wife she is on disability. also you can reach me @ sandman58769@yahoo or text or call me @936-223-6306 please leave a message and I will call you back.

I am not a nut and will operate your truck as if I owned it. I would make a run or two or twelve with you to get you comfortable whatever it would take.

I can give you some references that you can check with also. My old boss didn't want to give me time off to get my last CT scan to check for cancer so we had to part company I was loyal to him for 10 years and was never late.

I had dedicated runs and have also ran team Memphis to Houston 5 days a week for about 3 years of it.Thanks if I can make a hand for anybody I wont let you down!
living truck driving jobs

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