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by Lil Bit

I'm a 48 state driver and I love it!! I do get treated differently, mostly in good ways. I think I do have more benefits than a man, example, if I'm having a bad day backing a trailer to drop it, and the yard jockey sees it, he'll park a co-worker told me lady drivers have the "cute factor" going for em.

I do get looked at like a piece of meat but when they hear me on CB, in a truck stop that night, they respect me.

As I drive down the highways, I get a thumbs from women, looking up at me from the car. And I've also gotten it from men. bottom line, I love it!

I have been asked if I would go on IRT, and there's no way I'd do. I live in Maine and I won't even ice skate, let alone drive 80,000lbs+ on it!

I'm proud of Maya and Lisa..U GO GURLS!!

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Oct 17, 2011
Enjoying the perks and overlooking the idoits
by: Hervy

Yeah, I agree hands in the air for Maya and Lisa but women like you definitely should not be overlooked!


I nice to see a woman taking advantage of the perks and realizing that there is going to be some idiots to but not taking it to heart or allowing it to tarnish the situation overall.

I have seen what you describe as you describe it from my point of view and was wondering why more women weren't communicating that.

I think most women can thoroughly enjoy trucking if they just look at it from your perspective and get the most out of it.

There will always be a double standard in life form many groups of people. You learn to deal with it and make the best out of it. There will always be a certain number of people who refuse to accept the new normal and create havoc from an old or negative mindset.

You shake your head at them, wish the best for them seeing their limited thinking and you move on.

So keep being great influence for all young women who are thinking of driving and were somewhat hesitant. They now know, it's a career that is as good for them as any man.

But not without challenges and excitement.

Take care,

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