Licensed driver looking for trucking job

by Jason
(Oak Grove, MO. USA)

My story is short and sweet. I was given a felony conviction for non-support child support. I am a responsible parent who has always paid my dues. I was given the conviction after agreeing to public defender advice that it wouldnt cost me anything as far as rights and i could get a job doing anything i wanted.

I agreed to plead guilty thinking that it would shorten legal time in court and save me from doing jail time. I am now in the process of filing for an appeal and now 2 years into the conviction.

I received my class A license same day I received my conviction. I have not been able to get a job since. I am a hard and dedicated worker and safe driver, I have good driving record and up till the conviction I had a clean record. I have a great work history. I will be the best investment for any company or owner operator willing to give me a chance!

Any and all information requested will be provided! Thanks for your time!


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