Lexington TX currentily employed but want to get on the road

by Patrick conroy
(Lexington,tennessee u.s.a.)

I had just turned 18 in 2000 my 15 year old gf at the time her dad found out ni took her virginity n he had a coniption well long story short I got a class e the lowest possible felony before misdemeanor for sexual battery.

I got eight year straight track record of employment and have had two kick butt factory jobs but I wanted more. I am currently working for a factory n pay is all rite but I have a cdl in my wallet n don't want it or my money I poured into it going to waste.

I got a clean driving record dac report and no prior convictions besides on mentioned it happened in 2000 n was released from probation in 2003.

I am almost to my point were I can submit a rewusition to be released from the registry any and all help is greatly appreciated please send any help with this to my email please n ty yingyang52583@gmail.com tu n have a good day n god bless
Lexinton Tn Truck Driving Jobs

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