Let's talk about freight rates----great site,thanks

by mike

Trucking over 47 years,still at it. Truckers the only way you will ever survive in this industry is to let freight sit on the dock,if the rate is too low.

I tell them,let it rot. I have driven off on loads back in 67,and I will do it again.

Let the yo-yo take cheap freight, he will be gone soon. As of 9/20 2012,on the avg.of a 8-9 hundred miler 2.25-2.50,or tell these brokers to put it on there own backs,better yet buy a truck trailer and haul your own.

Could write a book on trucking,just got called to door 12 load of ice cream to fl.2.85 mile from Iowa,1pick/1drop.remember,let it stay on the load board if it don't pay. They will bring the rate up so you can survive.

Thanks so much.

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