Lack of Communication and Feeling Taken for Granted...

by Concerned

I understand life in the road can be stressful. You never know exactly what's going to happen. I've learned over the years to be patient and go with the flow but I don't feel like how things at home are being taken into consideration here.

He is usually home for a night when working in the yard and reloading are factored in so I try to work my own schedule around his when he is home because our time together is important to me.
We do talk when he is away but it's all surface stuff the weather. His loads. Very mundane and sometimes very awkward.

When he is home I feel like he isn't interested in anything I have to say and when I ask him things I get very basic answers like he doesn't want me to really know anything.

The buddy he drives with and confides in seems to take priority over me. Often on his nights off he will stay with him and his family to " help them out" leaving me to do my own thing which I do 90% of my time anyway. He doesn't seem to understand or maybe he doesn't care why this is an issue for me.

All I want is to feel connected and part of his life because I feel like I'm definitely not part of his trucking world which right now I feel is his whole world.

Is this even worth the effort?

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