La Quinta California with 1.6 yrs experience

by tomas chavez
(la quinta calfornia)

Hello there my name is Tomas am 46 years of age I work as a certified tech for Cadillac for over 20 years. I always loved the big semi trucks and always wanted to drive one.

In 2010 I took a chance and went to trucking school out of 40 students I was the first one to pass The exam test on 7 endorsement and pass the driving test.

I was hired on a company to drive long haul I drove for a year and a half and loved to drive with respecting all roads and other drivers.

I decided to go back to working on cars at a repair shop. My dream is to becoming a owner operator and this is where I would like to drive for someone and be a mentor to help me out with this opportunity thanks for your time

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