Just need a tractor trailer to rent for CDL, Retired driver turned in Class A for operator license. Now wants to drive again!

by Tom Higgins
(Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)

I am retired and my CDL Class A came up for renewal about that time and I made the mistake of getting an operator license instead of renewing the Class A.

That was a mistake on my part. I have been around trucks all my life because of a family business.

I parked 10 and 18 wheelers since I was 13. Over the years I've driven Mach duplex, tri-plex, the 20 speed "crash box" Mack trans. Also, the 5 and 6 speed Maxidine, 8, 10, 13, 15 speed OTR, Owned my own Pete w/13 speed and the double-092 Detroit.

I've driven all sizes of tankers hauling all grades of fuel oil, and chemicals. Dry boxes, reefers, dump trailers, flat beds and low boys.

I've no idea what it would cost to rent a vehicle for the South Carolina DMV CDL test.
What I do know is I'll only need to rent the vehicle for the time it takes to pass or fail the test.

My e-mail is thiggins712@twc.com

Thanks in advance

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