Just need a 2nd chance to prove I can be a productive citizen

by Russell L. Isaac Jr.
(Tucson, Az. )

Simple, I just trusted the wrong person with someone else's money. This person took the money and disappeared leaving me to pay the money back. I had lost my job therefore I could not pay the money back, and was subsequently brought before a judge, who found me guilty of "Scheme to defraud", but he adjudicated the conviction, as long as I paid back the money. To date, I have managed to pay back $500.00 and still owe close to $2000.00. I have untill November of this year(2010) to pay the remaining balance(which I truly wish to accomplish). I have regained my C.D.L's (which I voluntarily surrendered back in '95, due to a death in the family. I have not ever been in any serious trouble with the law before this incident,worst offense - failure to pay a traffic ticket. I am a very hard worker,and will give 110% in performing my job. I have 13 yrs of OTR experience.I am on probation at this time but can have probation modified if I can find a company that is willing to hire me. Oh, the felony conviction will be expunged upon repayment of restitution, Which means it will no longer be on my record. I what to comply to the court's order so that I can get my life back!

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