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So I made it down to Texas today, just in time to catch the presidential debate this evening.

Bee ville Texas, a small town of about 13,000 of which about 70 percent is white and 3 percent is African American and the rest is other (which includes Hispanic) stated by

It wasn't surprising that when I walked up to the Score's bar to catch the debate and went inside that I was the only black person inside.

No, big deal for me I could care less, and I only stated the stats cause its natural to wonder what is the make up of a town by people who hasn't been anywhere near the town when a person is about to tell a story that deals with people. Helps to create the visual you know.(well it's natural for me but then people tell me I ask too many questions so I don't know, maybe I am crazy or something)


It didn't seem like a issue for them either. Great.

I went straight to the bar and got a menu and ordered the grilled Talipia, pinto beans and green beans plus a Heineken.

(oh, I already dropped one load off and I am parked where I deliver in the morning so i am done until 9am)

I asked if they were going to have the debate on the screen and the guy says,"we weren't planning on it, this is a sports bar", I said ooookkkkkk its 4 TV's up there can you turn one to the debate, and he said, "no problem"

So, 8pm comes and he finally turns it but with no sound, "I am like my man, If I can't hear it at all, it's like pointless".

He regrettably turned it up some mumbling something. Next thing I know someone turned the speaker for the music up right next to it.

(now it was more speakers on each corner of the bar that weren't on. The tv on the other hand had one speaker right on the tv.)

I asked him to turn the TV up again and he did. Next thing i know, the guy comes and turn the station on the TV (I think it was the owner) He acted just like he didn't see me.

I said, "Dude, I am watching that" he did an oh and turned it back.

In less than a minute they turned the music up again. Unbelievable I thought, I was the only one even concerned with what the canidates had to say. In Carolina we have debate parties centered around the debates, here they seem to care less.

Anyway, we went back and forth a few times with the volume and finally they turn on the speakers at the other end of the building. Then they voluntarily turn the caption on. They became friendly all of a sudden, cool.

At the end of the nite all went well. I had fun watching both candidates attempting to say what they think their base is needing to hear and making half true remarks about each other in between making promises they can't fulfill. It's all good though. By they way if you want to check the facts on what they say and what their campaigns say go to Fact

I walked around a little, hit the restroom and headed back to the truck. (About 1.5 miles away) Now here I am,

JUST IN TIME to tell you all


hahahahah you thought there was gonna be some drama!!!!!!! Make sure you vote!!!

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