Just Graduated truck driver training!

After five weeks I am done. I failed my maneuvers first go around so thanks to some of y'all encouragement, I went back and completed my course. I just took my last test drive on the DMV test loop and I'm scheduled to take my driving test Tuesday, then its off to Des Moines for two weeks at TMC then on the road with a trainer.

I'm a far cry from when i started. I couldn't even drive a stick, now I've become accustomed to the ten speeds we have been using, but my test will be in the auto shift...wow its a pleasure to drive the autoshift in the city traffic, but I'm sure I will make do with the TMC 13 speeds as well.

Thanks guys for encouraging me to go back and keep trying!

Cya on the roads!

When I get a handle I will let ya know lol


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Oct 25, 2009
He couldn't weasel out starting trucking school without finishing!
by: Jimmy

So, you thought you could just say you failed the skills test and be done with trucking. Sorry Pardner, it don't work like that. Around here, we finish what we start. You started in with trucking school, hit a small bump with training/learning, and because we encouraged you to continue and make a slight adjustment in your attitude, well, lookie here! Somebody gots themselves a CDL.

Hope you got a life's lesson. Oh, by the way, you owe me a steak dinner. Any other problems you encounter, let us know. We'll get you through it. Jimmy

Oct 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

Your first handle is TMC ROOKIE 10-4

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