Just an old timer Truck Driver retired now

by graham
(New Hampshire)

The life of the open road

best metal polish made in American

we make a long lasting reflection

Hi everyone:

The life of a over the road truck driver for over 27 years an to many mile to talk about.

I lived a good life work hard and long hours away from home mad good money for the time area i was in.

what I like about some of you newer drivers, is that you can take your wife put her through school and have a partner with you.

You see I have been married three times now,I have one son by my first wide and two by my second one, my third wife has children of her own but all my and her children love me for who I am. I am really a lucky guy as much to everyone's surprise, all my wives get along and still stay in contact even tho my children are grown up with kids of their own.

Some people just want hubby home everyday why not if it would work, but all I knew was truck driving. Now that's the only way i could pay bills.

Yes I worked hard and long driving hours. Didn't get much chance to see my three boys grow up. This if i can say sucks, I'm so lucky they love me and do not show any hate for being gone all the time.

ladies: we drove old trucks no air ride just hard springs most with no power steering, a lot of us with no sleeper. If we did have one, it was not a house like
to day. We had only truck stops for showers after we fueled up, so momma we didn't have it easy to earn a living .

So for some of you momma's when you start thinking how hard you have it think of hubby also being alone from you and the kid'os ok.

let me just say something about all you momma's that are at home you great people for doing all that you do, I always said behind a good man there is a great women.

I can even list all the things you home base momma's do each an every day, day after day you great people girls and ladies.

if it wasn't for you our children maybe out doing the wrong thing, so guys out on the road listen to what I'm saying.
CALL moma when ever you can and tell her you love her and miss her. that's not much for all she does for us with our children. seeing you have cell phones today not like a pay phone in my time. Since we are not or cant be home to help. right guys???

just an old fool remembering on but I loved my driving days and had a good time doing what i did best for over 27 years.

well if you have got mad or fallin a sleep reading this old fools message have a great day drivers.

we people this old man is off to lay my head on the steering wheel for the night.

ya'll come back ya hear, glad to hear from any of you good or bad comments.

sign ye old Tree Climber (CB handle)

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May 24, 2012
The Life of a Trucker Never ends
by: Graham

We ye old truck drive is back .

wish I could write more on dis page as I'm old an have many things to tell other drivers an familys.

Now I cant drive any more been to fae over 3 mil mile s an loved eery minute of it.

when I retired I baought a freinds busines as he was dieing with cancer, he didnt want to let truckers down.

may you be with peace now Mike.

mikesmeangreen metal polish.
we make a long lasting reflection.

Mike died a few years ago but my son an I still keep his name going for you that ever met mike know how he was helping trucker and making a long lasting reflection.

signed the CB handle ( ye ole tree climer)
being old is not bad, just have my great stories to tell from the road an life of a Trucker. wish there was more room to tell them.

May 23, 2012
waving a hand at the retired drivers
by: Hervy

Hello Graham,

Always nice to hear feedback, stories and wisdom from the old school truckers.

Tell us more about this polish man.

Is that what you are up to now, since you are retired?


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