Just a chance to prove myself Morrow Ga

by Jamaal
(Morrow, Ga)



A born traveler. I've gone through more than I could've imagined growing up. A 5 sport player that got injured.

Then to add insult my brother used my name once and, even though one can see if they look close , it still haunts me, applicants are like ... I know there's many and employers usually scroll by mine.

Now I can't blame everybody. I never did anything bizarre, but I did get involved with people dealing drugs and had a case in which I spent 2 years on probation, in order to keep my record clean. But I did complete it.

There's nothing in the world I'd rather want then to take care of my family, and that's it. I've been immature and wrong choices but I've always kept a job.

Now however, I'd like a chance with a career doing something I enjoy, please consider.

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