julian stevens

by J.D.Stevens
(Salt Lake City Utah USA)

I had a problem making ends meet and was around people selling drugs and making a lot of money. Stupid me, I thought I know people that use drugs and decided I could do it!

I was wrong.

I'm 56 years old and I'm now trying to start over. I landed a job with a company called alumaline trucking. The owner I felt was trying to get rid of me, and him and I had a difference of onion. he didn't even give me a chance to say anything he told me to turn around take the truck back to the yard.I did!

I did get some otr experience though. I really want to continue driving. I've paid for my mistakes,now I really want to do the job I love, drive a truck!!

If there is anyone that would like to give a guy a chance, please call me. My name is J.D. Stevens phone 801-654-6424. I will go anywhere, do what ever is necessary to do the very best job I can for anyone.

I'm done with that kind of life, and i'm ready to move on. please consider a hard worker, and a honest person.

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