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by JoAnn

Hello, I did fill this out but misunderstood that it is a profile. I put my post on here....

Let me start over ~ I am 42 have 4 children (one flew the coop 2 months ago :-)) been with my husband for 14 years. He has been driving for the past 5 years. I have my days but for the most part I do not like it.

I consider myself a single mom and a single wife. I am looking to find friends that have the same things in common with me mainly the trucker's wife life.

I am a full time student and work very part time taking care of mentally and physically challenged children. I have a son with aspergers syndrome/high functioning autism that we use pet therapy on so we a sleu of animals..a rat/a gerbil/ 2 Pomeranians/ a parrot/ a cat/ and my daughter is getting a guinea pig next week.
I guess it could be worse (My son wants a tarantula).

I live in SW MN and love the outdoors,camping, swimming etc. Winter is not so much for me, we stay in most of the time.

My favorite holiday is Easter/Halloween/ and Christmas. My favorite shopping day of the year is Black Friday (absolutely love it).

Well I am looking forward to getting to know other wives of truckers.

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Oct 07, 2011
by: Hervy

Welcome to the lifestyle and the site JoAnna.

Make sure you look around and take note of the pitfalls and the successful relationships. A lot of wisdom has been shared from our visitors.

You have a lot of animals, I mean you have a lot of stuff on your plate, (lol) so it's really good to get settled on the right track from the beginning.

Stay proactive just are you are now and nurture that relationship so you don't face troubles down the road.

I don't even know how you will have time to socialize with the ladies with 4 and the zoo and school....whew!

Somehow, I think you will be just fine on this journey.

Do remember this, I tell all the ladies and truckers too. You don't have to endure this forever if you don't want to.

If you don't want to always live the truckers lifestyle, figure out your plans of how he will transition off the road and put it on paper so you are specific about what steps to take to make the wish/dream/desired future situation a reality.

Take care,

Oct 06, 2011
Hi Meg
by: JoAnn

Hi Meg,
Hope I am posting to the comment in the right spot, 1st time responding to a post...

Nice to meet you. I get to see my hubby about every 7 days for about a day or so. It really sucks, but I could not imagine going that long without seeing mine. He is looking into a new job in TX where he would be gone 4 weeks home 2 weeks. Not so sure about that either, but I guess I will manage. I tried homeschooling but it was way to much for me, with 4 kids. Where are you from? I live in SW MN! I am so glad I found this site I was feeling so alone before I found it. Hope to talk again soon.

Oct 06, 2011
by: Meg

I understand I am 28 years old with two children. My daughter is 7 and I homeschool her and I have a 9 month old son.

I feel like a Gypse wife aka a happy homemaker. I have two dogs and 1 cat. Oh a fish to that just wont die it is 3 years old. LOL.

How long do you go without seeing your husband? I have not seen mine for 2 months and 5 days found out he is coming home but just for a 1 1/2 days.


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