Jimmy from Kingman AZ gives advice for managing trucking and family

by jimmy

this subject is extremely delicate. the only worse situation is military personnel away for a year or more without contact or guys in prison. the bottom line is hubby and wife have to be a near perfect match. they must trust each other to the fullest. a trucker has loads of time to think and believe me, your mind can wander. the lifestyle is not for everyone.

i have 7 ex/wives, some hated trucking and some loved it. i took some on trips with me and some wouldn't step within 10 ft of a truck. (it was beneath their dignity) at least with trucking, you are within hours of the house if necessary, in an emergency you can jump an airplane and be home. of course you would have to secure the truck. in this high tech age, you are never really far from home. skype.com offers free web cam calls to other skype users.

Get home often, try to take family with you if possible and just see if it works. be prepared, it may not. you may have to choose between your chromed out 'wife' or your real wife. try not to 'worry' your spouse when communicating, keep it lovey dovey if possible. That way, the other one is not constantly worrying while alone. hope this helps.......jimmy

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May 03, 2010
Great advice about family and trucking
by: Hervy

Good advice Jimmy, Chrome wife that was funny but too true for some drivers! ;-( Which is when it is not funny anymore....

It's easy to get caught up on the trucking lifestyle part of the deal drivers. Especially if you really like trucks, like the road and the adventure.

Don't get off balanced and pay more attention to the truck or the job than your wife and family. It's challenging enough with the physical distance and if you don't watch the mental and emotional distance can increase too. When this happens the relationship will deteriorate.

Keep your communication strong so the distance of physical distance won't creep into the family dynamics.

Good luck Hervy

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