Jan 15, 2008

by Collin Barnette
(Visalia, CA)

Yes, I've been quiet for a few days but I thought to save up a little so as to have something to give you instead of just logging in to say "Hi went driving today".

Oh, did I tell you that I passed my skills test with no problems? I remember writing about the Skills. Pull forward to a controlled stop, two feet from the line. Then a straight line back of 100 feet or so. Then pull out to the next lane and preform a parallel park, just the trailer in the box please. Last a 90 degree back into a box simulating an alley dock. You get so many points to start with and each line your truck or trailer touches or crosses you loose a point.

School is typically about 230 hours long and seems to be split up into sections. The classroom portion is to familiarize you with the general knowledge, rules and regulations to prepare you for the written permit tests. Next as I've already shared is Air Brakes and the Pre Trip inspection of truck and trailer. I'll be posting a good long one on the Pre Trip in the next couple of days. Then the Skills of controlling the rig (see above). Now, the last phase is driving. Just like you would expect there are plenty of things to learn. Just a few of which are keep your truck in the lane, keeping an eye on traffic, lane changes, merging with traffic, shifting, using the proper gear. The list goes on and I will post that information too.

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Jan 20, 2009
Collin Aced the Skills Test
by: Hervy

Congratulations Collins on that skills test.
Took me a while to catch up with the info, sorry.

Glad to see you going through so smoothly. Look forward to that pre-trip.

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