james green

hi i was an victim of of an robbery i was attacked by an person high on crack cocaine with a knife. We struggle over the knife the victim fell. The person fell upon the knife and later passed. i wish i could go back to Sept 1997 and change that however, i cant.

i was sentenced to five years incarceration because of this. i received my cdl license before i got into trouble however one wrong turn is costing me a lot i have been out of prison going on 11years. i'm trying to get into trucking however a lot of companies say no felon in 10 years, mine has been 13 years and i still cant get into trucking.

i have been gainfully employed since i been released and i have learn to be an respectful man and a citizen.

If there is someone out there that's willing to take me on and train me please call me 706 364-9048 or 706 945-4753 im james green

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Sep 03, 2010
dealing with a felony
by: Jeff

I too did something in Feb of 97 dui with vehicular assault. Swift said they could take me on but I need to be off papers at least 7 years and that puts me at november of 2011. So whenever you were done with probation, count 7 years after that and try Swift or is it Cr England. It was one of those two. I have talked to many companies so I dont remember but they were the biggest two that said that they could take me on with a felony dui but some time has to pass. Im just washin dishes at the restaurant for now but come october of 11 Im getting into my school to see about cdl training at the community college. Good luck bro and keep your chin up. I love this site! thank you Hervey for the site and whoever else owns this site

Sep 01, 2010
2nd Chance
by: Dennis Shipman

That is a tough story with devastating consequences for both you and the victim. Next to rape, though, any type of homocide (e.g., manslaughter in your case I suspect) makes it very tough to break into trucking with a large company. The way to go is with an owner operator of your heart is set on a trucking career. What you did here on Hervy's website is a good start. I would not use my telephone number, though, no matter how desperate I was. Use an electronic mail account. If they are really interested, you can follow up with a telephone call. Best of luck. 10-4?

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