Its The Hot Dog Killers

by Hervy
(North Carolina)

Chicken Tender Delights

Chicken Tender Delights

We often are in a rush and go for a quickie set of hot dogs. Cheap and tasty. Why not?

Because there are much better options that are not processed, just as quick and just as reasonably priced.

How about some Chicken tenders. All you have to do is put a pack in the crock pot before you leave home. You can take a week's worth of tenders with you.

Of course you need a refrigerator or power cooler.

1. Add himalayan salt
2. Tumeric
3. Sage
4. Peppers

Basically, you can season the way you want. I tend to switch it up a little from time to time. But the added herbs and spices will only improve the value of the chicken tenders to your new diet.

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