Is There Help for felons?

by Cheryl Webb
(Port Richey, Fl)

I am a recruiter and former trucker driver of 17 years. In doing my job now which is recruiting to help truck drivers find job.

I find it very difficult to get drivers placed because they have a felony on their record. I have had some with 10 and 20 year old felonies and have been in no trouble since their first time.

I have done a lot of research in trying to see what can be done to give these drivers a second chance. Companies claim they will hire them, but when the application is put in, it's deny all the way.

The trucking schools are a huge issue, they take these students money and fail to tell them that they will not be hired because of a felony, therefore they are stuck with a loan to pay and no job.

I work diligently every day to try to place drivers and it is difficult. They did a wrong and have paid their debt to society. Now they need to be given the opportunity to prove they are worthy of themselves and the company that will hire them.

They made a mistake, we all make them. Tell me how I can help these men and women find employment in the trucking industry. Trucking companies are being very deceitful these days and it's not fair to people trying to pick up and start over.

They give Presidents of the United States second chances, what makes a felon who has proven his/her record for the past 10 or 20 years. They made a mistake, did their time, paid their fines and they are still Americans.

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Jan 08, 2017
Jobs for felons NEW
by: Anonymous

I know drivers with felonies have to do what they have to, but to keep in mind. Carolina Cargo pays .22 cpm SPLIT. They are strictly team.

Jan 06, 2017
Jobs for felons. NEW
by: Anonymous

First, some companies bend their hiring rules that's on the websites. Here's some that do that and hire felons fresh out of prison:
Carolina Cargo
PI&I Motor Express

Sep 28, 2015
You Can Do It NEW
by: Anonymous

My job is in California and it hired me and also hired a couple of other people with a past. But people don't really like hitting the highway for 4200 miles a week i do. So if you have 6 months or better they will put you on record and all

Mar 08, 2015
by: Help4mybrother

I am trying so hard to help my brother find a job. Yes he is a non-violent felon and needs a job in Houston,Tx. He already has his CDL class C and has his hazdmat(?) certification. He was working for a company but they had to let him go because there was no more work. He is definitely the hardest working person I know. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know I want the best for him

Jun 26, 2014
There is light at the end of the tunnel NEW
by: Michael Moss

First of let me start by saying the guy Steve talking about theres some kinda law saying a company cant hire felons until they are off parole. He is full of it. I came to this site with no CDL and 3 felonies. I watched the video under felons tab and did just what was done in the video. I talked to a a guy at one of the big companies he said he couldnt hire me at that time, but told me to find a mom and pop company stay clean for a year and the big companies wont even look at my crimal record to hard. I did just that. I also got another guy out of prison 8 months with 14 drug convictions hired where I started and he still there today and a top driver there. I also have people finding my post under felons that I have helped. So yes there is hope for a felon.

Mar 18, 2014
Where to Begin... NEW
by: Steven

I will share what I myself have researched and have learned:
1. A Felon cannot, according to The Law (and I even read it in the CDL manual)be hired unless they have been off of Parole for Ten (10) yrs.
2.Companies will 'say' that they will hire a Felon, "as long as there's only 2." But that is Not True. What they will fail to tell them, is that Regardless of the 'Convictions', what Really matters are the Amount of Charges.
(e.g., I had 2 [Convictions]: 1 For 6 counts, and 1 for 1 Count. (No Drug involvement, and No Sexual Assault of Any sort. But I was rejected for the "6" count conviction.)
3. There are incentives offered to any Company, by the Government, that will cover a Felons Bond Issues*, as well as pay an employer $4 of every $10 paid**.
4. There are No 'Grants' afforded for CDL schools / Unless you're a Female.

Good luck in helping others, I genuinely wish the best for you -for 'Their' sake!

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