Is there any thing i can do to keep me from losing my truck?

by anthony

3months ago,I took dot physical and due to my blood pressure being high.

The doctor gave me my card that was only good for 3 months,and then i was to return for another physical.

I returned and took my physical and my blood pressure was fine but they sent me to another doctor to be tested for copd, Then to a specialist for x-rays.

That was 8 days ago,due to the holidays and weekend they said i would have to wait until today to get my x-ray results back to give to my DM.

I went to pick up the results and it was just a small piece of paper that noted that i didn't have copd but however they wanted to test for something to do with my breathing?

Also when i went into the doctor to get x-ray results the nurse said that the results have been ready since the day they x-rayed me--8 days ago, but it was already 3pm and the doctor was in such a hurry to leave that he couldn't find a few extra minutes to fax over the results or have his nurse do it.

I'm paying for all this out of my pocket and would think that as with any patient paying or not that we deserve a little bit of respect and consideration that i also have responsibility and a family that depends on me...8 days is along time to be out of work without pay.

And now so i take the results to my DM only to find out that I am on hold till i go back to the doctor. My appointment is not till the 11th of next month,which is 2 weeks away.

So now what? No help or suggestions were offered.
I'm owner operator and have nearly a year left to pay on my truck still. This is my 3rd. year with this company and i was just wondering if anyone out there knows or has any advice that might be of help to me in this situation??


My truck is me and my wife's home,I would hate to think that i might loose it and my wife!

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Dec 28, 2012
Sorry to hear this NEW
by: NickV

Check with your dm and ask if there is any type of short term disability you can recieve. I was just out of work for sleep study tests and they put me on a short term. Its not a lot of money but it helps, probably about half my weekly check. I understand you said your paying for this out of pocket so it doesnt sound as if your with any of the companies insurance plans. If that is the case then the best advice I can give is maybe check out craigslist for some jobs, maybe just some handyman stuff or something to tide you over til these pesky doctor visits are out of your way. I understand your frustration though. Till these past doctor appointments I probably havent been to the doctor in 15 years. Its the most painstaking experience and when your job is on the line its even worse. I also understand how we can put off med card until the last minute but hopefully this will be a reminder if you think you are going to have problems with it then get it done early so incase of these issues you still have time on your card to work. I really hope you get all this worked out quickly and get back out soon. Sorry to hear about this and for anyone else reading maybe this can be a warning. Hope you have a Happy New Year and keep your head up

Dec 27, 2012
Keep from losing your truck NEW
by: Hervy

Anthony, hate to hear you going through such turmoil. Keep your head up.

The first question that I have is who are you financing the truck through? Is it the company or a finance company.

If it is the trucking company, it is very possible that they will work with you on the payment. Especially if you have a solid work history and are an asset to the team. (on time, reliable, etc)

If it is the finance company, explain to them what has happened. Ask them if they will defer the month's payment to the end of the loan.

If they do that it will make your next payment not due until the following month giving you extra time to get it together.

If you have been making it on time for this long, it should not be a problem to work with you either with the deferment or just by allowing you to pay late.

If that doesn't work.

Well, all you can do is all that you can do.

Tell them how much you will be able to send them by the due date and when you will send the balance.

Make sure partial payments will go toward the payment though and not just direct to the premium leaving you still responsible for making the total payment.

Keep a record of all agreements. Also, before going into a panic make sure you know what the contract says and talk to the people about the situation. You may be worrying for no reason.

Best of luck,

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