Is there a God?

by Jim
(Santa Maria,Ca)

OK Im going back a ways!Feb 1998 It is El Nino in full force. Have a trip from Santa Maria,Ca to Fontana,Ca to accomplish. There is a problem 90 miles away, the bridge is flooded out heading south.The weather had been really bad for a couple of days and the roads and rivers were starting to show it.I felt I could not afford to give up a days pay so I headed back north and decided to head over to Bakersfield knowing my freight wasn't going to make service anyway.So i drop my trailers at the terminal in Santa Maria loaded with flammables.I pick up an empty set.

My plan is to head across hwy46 but 166 is closer so at the last minute a driver tells me its open I take the off ramp on off I go. Weather seemed fine the sky was coming clear and conditions seemed improved.About 8 miles in a fuel tanker whom I never saw radios that he needs me to make a phone call in Cuyama about 40 miles away.

He had popped 8 of his tires and told me the road was in bad shape on his side the west side Im heading east.Im cruising along and about 5miles later there is a fog bank so I back out of it.Only its not a fog bank the road is GONE! My tractor and 2 trailers head straight down 20ft and hit head on into the other side of the road at about 40 miles per hour.IN my mind I can not figure out what happened.

The truck at this point starts to fill with water. I am in the river in the cab of my truck getting pummeled by rocks and debri.At this point Im almost knocked out but under water. Lord God save me I dont want to drown!Thankfully my prayer was answered immediatly. The windows were all knocked out except one. The truck was on its side and the passenger window was still in tack. That provided an air pocket.

The truck and front trailer are on there sides and
the back trailer is up right, all floating down the river heading back west.It comes to a stop.Now what?I think to myself I got this far I have to survive. Don't know how but I ended up on the side door and window that saved me the first time.(The other things I didn't know) 1) 4 other people are going to take the same plunge and some will live and some wont. 2)The engine and transmission are missing out of the truck.3) I have sustained some major injurys but no broken bones.

Its 40 degrees out and I am shivering tell every muscle is locked.My mind is at peace knowing God will bring me through.Venus is shining bright that morning like a beacon of safety.Finally I see emergency vehicles.I yell for help.There is no way to hear me the water over takes my yells.

The truck and trailers had built a berm around the truck diverting water around it. I still had to consider plan B To climb up higher on the truck if I could. I hear the yells of rescue workers but its still dark. Finally its light out and I hear a helicopter. He is hoovering in front of me asking if Im Ok. I cry out and realize I am wasting energy that Ill need.So I wave. Then he says He's sending another helicopter.

This time the CHP sets down on a berm and I give it my last push and feel the ground and stumble to the helicoptor.I cant believe Im alive!My body temp is 89 degrees not good. I ask her, am I alive!Sadly 2 CHP and one person died.You dont know when God will test you.But you do know that he is the only one that can save you through his son Jesus Christ.I know what your thinking what about the guys that didnt make it.

Well I would later find out that the2 CHP were believers one of them had just accepted Christ.That is were I found great comfort even through this experience. I hope that you find the peace that surpasses all understanding.

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