Is my husband getting screwed on his pay?

by Rachel

My husband for the past year or more has been working for this company who does both agricultural work and also owns a trucking company that they contract out where ever.

My husband is supposed to get 25% of the load every time. He is also responsible for any and all of his expenses such as food on the road as well with no reimbursement to speak of. Secondly we recently found out that an expense of fuel charge is being deducted from the load amount before she gives us 25% of the actual load. And in reality she is only giving him 24% of the end amount instead of the 25% he was told.

This to me doesn't seem right and kind of feels like they are cheating him. Not to mention the person who dispatches for him who is also the secretary and payroll dept. sometimes will get him some of the crappiest loads ever that basically aren't even worth the fuel to hall after their fuel price gets deducted.

Here is an example she gave him an 800 dollar load that was around 532 miles and the cost of fuel was over half the load so in the end only made around 125 dollars. To me that just seems like a waste of time. Am I wrong or is this all okay?

We are new to this still and are still trying to figure out all the regulations about what your entitled to be paid and all that. If anyone could direct to the right literature or something that would be appreciated.

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