is it ok to miss your trucker while he is gone

by chanda

I miss my hubby while he is over the road and I tend to worry about him also. is there anything wrong with that ? my daugher misses him terribly. when i correct her for something she says she wants her daddy.

how do i help my little girl to not miss her dad so much ? thank you for your time

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Dec 06, 2013
Turn It Into a Game NEW
by: Hervy

Chanda, I think the best thing to do is to turn him being away into something that she can participate in.

It can be something like him calling home using skype video. or IChat or some other phone app. He can give her hints or something so that she can guess what state he is in. Then pin in on a map.

He could also send a post card each week while he is out and she can pin it on a map and/or also learn 3 things about that state from reading.

Then share that with him when he returns.

See if you can think of other ways in which she can see him being gone in a different way.

Also, make sure she understands why he is gone.

One other thing, make sure that you and hubby are on the same page with discipline. If she does that because he rescues her when you punish if he is around or because he lets her get away with everything thing, then you have THAT issue to deal with.

Both parents should be on the same page with how they discipline the child. I find that parents sometimes selfishly and sometimes unknowingly work against each other with the child by letting the child get away with what the other will not.

That is not good.

Hope you find these thoughts useful,

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