Indianapolis In experienced OTR driver needs a trucking job....

by Belinda
(Indianapolis, IN)

I have a Class A CDL and I am looking for a second chance driving trucks. I got mixed in with the wrong people in 2006, I did my time, got off parole in 5 months. I attended college for business management.

I became the business management tutor. I am currently living in Indianapolis, IN. Taking care of a 41yr old woman, and her 4 kids. She suffers from depression, she is disabled, diabetic, has 1 Achilles tendon, recently had heart failure, damaged kidneys, among other disabilities.

I worked for CR England in 2005, they sent me an email wanting to hire me back but my felony has to be 10yrs old.

I really really need a second chance driving trucks. Please HELP!

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