Incident listed as a preventable accident

by Gail

My husband drives for a company that has been very good to him but he works his fingers to the bone driving from one end of the country to the next.

A few months ago he with his team driver had to go down a small country rd in the Midwest in order to turn around to get back to the main rd, they didn't have a choice because of all the snow piled up along the roads.

They got stuck in a snowbank it wasn't as if they went right through the snow bank (he) got stuck right at the edge of it I saw the photos, however because of the massive amounts of snow they had to call for a tow to help them out of that.

The job listed it as a preventable accident even though they saw the pictures and was informed by the tow driver what happened.

Their Qualcomm was also giving problems and it was counting down his time he drove his appropriate hours, then his team driver took over when it was his turn the job was fully aware of that yet they have on his history a slew of driving over his time violations which he does not do at all under any circumstances.

They have one violation of him driving 70 hours over in one day..I have seen it all and I am so mad he tries to discuss it with them and all he hears is we will look into it.

By the way they did admit that they knew there was a glitch in the system. I am at my wits end here with this. The team driver has since quit because he got the same thing on his history as well and they refused to change it so he decided to leave.

Not my husband loyal to a fault.

Any suggestions?

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Jan 24, 2017
how to challenge
by: Hervy

You challenge the entries on his record at

The incident was a preventable.

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