In for the Long Haul

Hey ya'll!

My name is Jean Marie and I am recently new to the whole trucking life. Im twenty years old and work as an office assistant and go to school full time as well. I met my fiance Doug who is 23 a year ago. When we first got together he was driving locally for USA trucking in West Memphis, while i was living in West Tennessee about two hours away.

So we're kinda use to the distance thing. He decided to start team driving about two months into our relationship. Even then though he'd be in W.M every two to three weeks. He ended up quitting and moving back to his hometown in the Delta of AR. However things didn't work out and he went back otr solo driving.

Since this he stays out for FIVE weeks at a time. Although we constantly talk sometimes I just cant help but feel we lead separate lives. Ive come to learn quick that this isnt just a job its a lifestyle.

I constantly remind myself that I chose HIM, the lifestyle just was part of it. We will be married February 14, 2016 however, he wont be coming off the road until his 25th birthday that following October when he qualifies for a local fuel hauling job.

Saying goodbye never gets any easier, even though its become routine.

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