I'm new to all of this, Im so glad i found this site!

by Amanda
(East Coast USA)


Ive been reading some of the posts and i can tell this is a really supportive community. Its so nice to find a place where i can ask a few questions without feeling silly! Especially without hearing all of the negative things about building a relationship with a trucker.

About two months ago i met a man online who happened to be in my state. We were both bored and met up for coffee. We talked until the sun came up and spent the rest of the weekend together with me driving him around my state showing him the sights.

Since that weekend, we have spent hours daily on the telephone.

Neither of us were actively looking for any sort of relationship other than friendship. I can tell you though, that we both knew that first weekend that there was something special going on between us.

Its been a few months now and he has worked his way back here way before his regular schedule , and we are still going strong with phone calls, texts and other ways of communicating.

The thing that i feel has brought us close so fast, is the complete honesty we have had with each other. Neither of us are kids. We both know that life is too short to play games. What he says to me i believe because he has proven in different ways that he is a no bull kind of man. I have a very busy life here in my state and have lost the chance of dating seriously more than once because of it. With him though, its easier. I think all of our telephone time really has helped us maintain that honesty so far. You dont have to see the look on their face if you said something that might hurt a little, and you have to say to them..hey now be a little nicer with me thats a tender topic. You really have to commit to the honest part of things.

Its been about two months, and about 100 hours of phone time and close to 900 text messages. he brought up being exclusive and i happily agreed.

I even got to ride a short time with him and it just felt so..natural. when i was a younger woman i tried to get funding to learn to drive a big rig but my ex just wouldnt allow it. I feel silly telling my new guy that because im afraid he will think i made it up to impress him or something LOL

Its early on for us, and yet it feel like we have always known each other.

What got me, was how different he is from every, well most every, trucker stereotype i have ever heard.

He is funny, and quick witted..so smart and rugged, and one of the toughest yet sweetest men i have ever met.

Ive totally fallen for him while telling myself its too fast and what kind of future could there be.

This forum has been a great read for me as i begin this adventure with him. I hope that it works out for us forever, but even if it does not i know that i have had some great experiences.

I just wanted to say thank you and while im not a wife i really have taken a lot from here.

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Oct 21, 2012
I'm a girlfriend to a new trucker.
by: Yolanda

Thank you for websites like these because I need all the support I can get now and thruout my journey with my beau.

I am looking forward to speaking with other ladies on this very sensitive subject. I do have one question: once a new driver gets the experience on the road, does the driver have several options to choose from such as regional, dedicated, local, otr etc? I need answers.

Jul 06, 2009
by: Jennifer S

The chat is EST 6pm, WE have not had 1 chat yet, though. It has not been real successful, although I am always hoping ;) Let me know if you would like to meet another time....email me (I am harmless) lol, as most here can attest for.

Negative thought patterns will be your downfall with this type of relationship- DO NOT allow the negative input of others to affect who you are, and how you live your life!

I am big on positive thinking--but that is just me lol.

I can meet you there in a few minutes (The chat) if you like, or drop me a line when you want to meet


Jul 06, 2009
Thanks for the kind welcome!
by: Amanda

I didnt expect that post to go up so fast!

I really am trying to keep my feet on the ground.

I am sure things will settle down with the calls and texts. That newness is bound to wash off at some point. For right now its great though :)

I look forward to reading more here and learning. Honestly as soon as i tell anyone around me what he does for a living i get a big 'Ohhhhhhh. well, dont get too attached."

Maybe i can get into the chat at 6pm..is that EST or central time or??

Jul 06, 2009
by: April

Well Amanda,

Sounds like you have a pretty positive start to this new relationship despite the down side of this industry. I think as long as you 2 keep the lines of communication open you will do well. There is alot of hoops to jump through as you get farther into this relationship. I came to this website searching for advice, support and just somewhere to vent when I started dating a trucker as well. My story started out much like yours but 6 months later I finally realized he wasn't the man I thought he was.

I met him online as well and through that whole time I confided in a few friends I made on this site. They helped me get through the worst ad it was good to have someone on the outside looking in to keep my head from spinning.

Hervy, Keith and Jennifer. I'm sure all will give you good advice and I wish you the best with your new trucker. It is not for everyone but it sounds like you have a good handle on it already.

Good Luck!

Jul 06, 2009
Hello ;)
by: Jennifer S


Thanks for sharing. I commend you on your ability to put aside the "stereotypical" truckers role. They are not all like that. I myself met my husband online (he was NOT a driver then) he and I fell in love very very quickly, and with out ever physically laying a hand on him, we demanded exclusivity as well.

It does not matter much how you met him. I just see it as the 21st century's new found way of meeting what could be your soul mate, Lord knows it happened for me.

Back to the stereotypical truckers. Like I said they are soooo not all like that. Most are family men, there are those that could careless, and do have a woman in "every port" so to speak. They are the ones that give MOST drivers a bad name! I for one would love to see that change!!

His commitment to you with his dedication to calling frequently and texting just as much so is wonderful. That is important in this type of life style which is so far from the traditional roles that we so often see as a norm.

Please feel free to email me. I love to keep in touch with other "Drivers significant others".

Its a support system that we all need


Have a great day, and thanks for the lovely story, and positive input


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